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Who is GeoZero?

I'm an indie musician/songwriter/producer who has been involved in music (and film) for many years. After fronting the band Year Zero, someone said "hey Geo... from Year Zero..." and somehow that morphed into my stage name of GeoZero.

I am a multi-instrumentalist and often play most or all instruments in my songs. And I also love to collaborate with musicians from around the world.2022 is going to be a huge year as I plan on releasing the full record "FLY" as well as a followup record. I have written the songs and have recorded most of them and working through my catalog to re-mix and master the songs for you.

I'm also planning on taking the songs to you doing live shows with a badass backup band I am putting together.I hope you check out the new songs and I look forward to being able to play live in front of you and your friends very soon!


George GEOZERO Heredia2 (2020_11_03 01_20_00 UTC).jpg
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